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1994 Enfield Bullet 500 Single Deluxe

Sold 11/09/2011

Made in India.
Kickstart only, dealer modified to British style left side brake and right side shift with one up, three down pattern.
Aftermarket (Indian made) period-style short silencer,
High output (British made) oil pumps,
Light alloy (British made) valve rocker set,
Aftermarket (British made) AMAL Mk1 concentric carburettor,
3178 kilometres.

Accompanied by a solo seat, the Indian made shifter parts that were removed, an extra cylinder head (may be the original, I don’t know if that was part of the dealer modification), the original (Indian made) long silencer and exhaust pipe, oil pumps, rockers and original Mikuni carburettor. Also included: Owners manual, shop manual, parts list, and a recent aftermarket dealer’s parts and accessories catalogue.

Has been stored since 2005.
Needs a new owner with a good right leg.
Asking $3,600.00

2011 update: New price of $1800.00 +HST or offers, includes official proof-of-payment of HST. (Pickup only)