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Here is your chance to pick up a decent looking, nice running classic British motorcycle that would make a great daily rider and will never decrease in value. The BSA 650 Lightning was one the hottest British bikes of it's time, enjoying it's peek from 1967-1970. These powerful yet well balanced and sporty bikes were and are some of the most restored, cafe raced, and chopped bikes of their time. The bike is a twin carb 650 Lightning but built around a Royal Star Frame (Royal Star and Lightning frames were identical except for the serial numbers), the engine cases have been stamped to match the frame. It will never win any concours awards as its not an original numbers matching bike, but for a rider you cant beat it. The chrome is pretty good for the most part with some pitting on the headlight and gas cap. The front rim is OK, and the rear looks pretty good. The chrome on the tank is slightly faded as is the chrome on the front fender and headlight ears, the rear fender is brand new. The header pipes are dull and there is some fairly minor acid spill damage on the left muffler, the right muffler looks good. The tires are brand new Dunlops and the carbs are newly re- sleeved and rebuilt AMAL 930's. Everything works on the bike but it does need some finishing, steering head adjustments mainly. Some spare parts are included such as a better headlight bucket, headstock bearings and a better looking front wheel nave plate (hubcap). Shop manual and photocopy of parts book is also included. Bike is located in southern Ontario, about 1 1/2 hours west of Toronto.
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