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Original Honda Drixton

Dear Sirs, I decided to sell my original Honda Drixton.

It was built by Marly Drixl in Milan in 1968 (motorcycles single copy) starting from an Honda CB 450 engine. He built an unicate frame, changed after taking the bore to 74 mm. (500 cc.), mounting two SS 38 mm Dell'Orto carburetors., mounting special crankshaft, piston and con-rods, Fontana brakes in magnesium, ecc..

It was recovered and rebuilt by Elio Bagnoli, the Aermacchi’s officer mechanical of Pasolini's and friend of Marly Drixl. I bought it in 1990 and 20 years ago I have participated in some local events for vintage motorcycles.

You can find a photo on Motociclismo n°6 /1970 page 95 and citation and photo on Classic Japanese Racing Motorcicles of Mick Walcker published by Osprey Publishing 1991, page 55. [PDF]

If you are interested I can send photos and explanations. The motorcycle is in Italy near Venice.

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Yours faithfully,
Andrea Piovesan

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