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1972 Triumph Bonneville

Price Updated 08/03/2012

Frame-off 7 year resto, powdercoated, every bolt, washer, fenders, tires, carbs, lights, seat, too much to list, have all receipts, thousands $$$$
New pistons, camshaft, valves, guides, Valve seats, rotor, clutch plates, springs, everything it needed to be perfect

Just did the motor this winter and she is running real nice.

The guy I got it from did a 7 year frame-off resto on the body $$$$ have all the receipts and was told the motor was good, then got tired of spending money I guess and parked it in the garage since 2000, then me and my buddy took the motor apart and did everything it needed and she purrs like a Tiger now

its a high price but I have more than that in receipts and is better than new, only 600km on the bike since resto and bout 200km on the motor, he even changed the odometer and speedo to show in km in place of miles.

200 k since motor resto, starts first kick

only thing not original are mufflers but are new and originals are in the mail, too much to list. Have original to date mufflers so qualifies for Collector plates in BC but the slashcuts sound better.

near Kamloops BC
250 851 6315

$13,500 $10,000 Now $7900

more pics on request, no hurry don't really want to sell