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1949 Matchless G80

Sold 10/08/2014

This bike is over sixty years old, yet it’s just as desirable today as it was in 1950s. It’s a rare example of the Clubman or Touring model introduced in the early 50's. The engine and frame ID numbers are 1949 and the complete restoration, using NOS, OEM and OER parts is a fine representation of the early 50's post war British singles.

The Matchless G80 series might be a simple 500cc British pushrod thumper, but it’s achieved remarkable status in the vintage motorcycle world. The CS (Competition Suspension) model was highly regarded as an off-road competition bike, and was still active in events worldwide until the late 1960s.

Asking $10,500 obo possible trade for modern bike
Bike has been on display at Lemays Americas Car Museum in Tacoma, WA