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1962 Norton Atlas Café Racer

Sold 11/30/2016

Vintage 1962 Norton Atlas café racer. Before you say that there is no such thing let me explain. When I bought the bike the frame was in terrible shape due to rust so I changed the frame and the state of California titled it as a 1962 because that is the frame that I used. As part of the sale you will receive the original 1964 frame which is also a featherbed frame with the original numbers, should you care to change back the frame, indulge yourself..

Now, on to the motorcycle. The motorcycle has been meticulously rebuilt to better than its original glory. The frame has been powder coated a deep metallic midnight blue which is absolutely beautiful. All the screws and bolts that could be replaced with stainless steel were. The engine head was totally reconditioned; the valves were replaced and given a three angle valve job. The pistons rings were replaced with .30 over rings and the pistons were knurled for better fitment. The engine was thoroughly checked for wear and tolerances, everything checked out fine. It has twin 30mm Amal concentric carburetors with custom velocity stacks and is jetted for this motorcycle. It has the original Lucas K2F Magneto which fires a very powerful blue spark.

It has brand new Bridgestone Spitfire tires on newly laced wheels with stainless steel spokes and a Norton commando twin leading front brake hub (this thing will stop.) All bearing were replaced, including the head stem steering bearing with a sealed bearing.

The primary chain drive was replace with a Bob Newby belt drive for less vibration, better clutch action and no oil leaks. If you’re going to go belt drive, this is the one to have. The chromed primary cover was drilled and vented to suit.

The petrol tank is an alloy Lyta tank from England with custom tabs fabricated for mounting. The side panels were painted to match the frame and then hand pin-striped by the great Henry Segura of Ojai. The saddle is also an English bum seat stopper.

For the electrical; under the chrome battery cover there is a new 12 volt battery and under the seat is a new Podtronics single phase rectifier-regulator for better charging and running the lights. The motorcycle has a brand new wiring harness as per original issue. New 3 way handlebar switch to switch headlight beams, activate the very loud horn, and the cutoff switch for the ignition. All the control wiring has been routed through the Ace clubman handlebars with the natural tan hand grips. All cables were replaced with Barnett cables. It has a unique two into one exhaust system with Kerker Exhaust muffler which is very throaty.

This Norton motorcycle has been a labor of love, sweat and tears. It is symbolic of an era when motorcycles and their riders expressed the height of motorcycle ownership and pride. This is a remnant of a time when café racing was the “rage” in England, similar to our Hot Rod era.

The price is; $18,600