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1936 BSA Model Y13 750cc

No Longer Available 01/31/2017

This model is the final evolution of the five models of B.S.A. "V" twins.

Approximately 1500, Y13 machines were produced between 1936 and 1938, of which only about a dozen survive.

I disclose that the front fender and battery box are fibreglass, the big end has been converted from an articulated to the conventional type and that the speedometer does not work.

It comes with literature, a few spare parts and special tools. It also comes with "ride compatible" parts including air filter, mirror, 1960's tail-light and highway (carriage way) pegs.

This is a good running bike that doesn't rattle, squeak, knock or burn engine oil.

The aluminium engine and gearbox cases have an original patina and have never been polished or abrasive blasted.

I have three British motorcycle magazines featuring Y13s and this example is more correct and original than any of them.

Because many restorers regard 1936 to be the best year for B.S.A., the Y13s were considered "Top of Line" Machines. The originality and the fact that this is probably the oldest surviving example, having left the factory on January 8th, 1936, makes this perhaps one of the most valuable B.S.A.s in existence.