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1970 Triumph T100S

I bought this lovely bike last year. Apparently it had been professionally rebuilt to look like a 1973 model some years before I bought it. I think the look is that of a 73 Daytona. The guy I bought it from, a dentist in Gatineau, Quebec, hadn’t ridden it since he became a father a couple of years earlier so since the rebuild it had spent most of its time in the garage. Before I used it I bought new tires and tubes and changed all the liquids. I also touched up a small nick in the paint on the tank. The bike has matching numbers.

I used it half of one summer (last summer) and because it was leaking oil from the pushrod covers I took the head off and put new gaskets and ground all the faces over the winter. Looking at the head and barrel it clearly has not been ridden much since it was restored as there was nothing to do other than replace gaskets. The piston was a +40 but the cylinder was completely clean with no wear so I am assuming the rebuild included a re-bore. The carb evidently had been rebuilt with a new slider. The gearbox and clutch work perfectly and the clutch is super light. Because there was nothing wrong I never took the gearbox out nor removed the clutch cover. The chain and sprockets show no wear. I  opened the front hub to check the brakes. The shoes are new with no wear and the brakes are fantastic. I also replaced the exhaust pipes to a balanced pair. I have to old ones so they come with the bike as a spare set.

All is not perfect, however - On one of the first journeys the battery spewed acid through the venting tube and blemished the chrome on the left silencer. Major bummer, but because the damage is only cometic (and not terrible), I didn’t replace the silencer. As a result I threw out the battery and replaced it with a sealed unit. At the same time I replaced all the lights to LED. Because of that I had to buy a new reflector. The bike had Bowyer ignition when I bought it so now I’d say the electrics are pretty solid and can run on full beam all day without any problems. The headlight LED and reflector is not ideal, however as the focus is not great. I never rode the bike at night so it was not an issue for me but if the bike is to be ridden day and night I’d probably give the headlight set-up some love.

The speedo / tachometer should be serviced or replaced. They are no longer a matched pair and the tacho plays up. For me it was not a big deal but if I was to keep the bike I’d replace them. Because of the rebuild prior to me buying the bike, and because of the state of the speedometer I have no idea of the real mileage. Because the bike has been rebuilt I wouldn’t put too much stock in that anyway, but having poured over the bike in great detail and having ridden it for half a summer it looks and feels in great condition with no obvious signs of wear.

The bike has always run beautifully though after it starts from cold simply applying some choke doesn’t always keep it ticking over. Most times I would just keep my hand on the throttle or just start riding. After a few minutes it ticks over very reliably without any choke.

As with all bikes from Quebec, this one has spent at least six months of every year inside. At the moment it sits right here in my office waiting for a new owner. I haven't registered it for the road this season.

The reason for the sale is that I honestly thought I’d have more time to spare and I love the mechanics and the driving around locally. The truth is that I don’t get enough time to play and having it stored in my office is a waste.

If you have any questions, let me know. If you want pictures I cantake as many as you’d like as closely as you like. I can take it outside and we can go over it via FaceTime or Skype, and start it up. A big part of my business is shipping so I can ship it just about anywhere in the world.

My price is $ 5,500.- CAD
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