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1967 Norton P11

Sold 01/30/2020

Early 1967 Norton P11 with matching frame and engine #121137. Based on the numbers this appears to be 130th from the beginning of the model run and is an actual 1967 high pipe P11, not a later P11A or Ranger made to look like a high pipe model. More photos are available on request.

I am selling it for my friend who can no longer ride due to medical issues. He purchased it about 9 years ago and probably put less then 400 miles since he owned it. He maintained it and did some work on the front forks, though I’m not sure what. I have sorted out some of the issues as well as installing some of the missing bits before selling. Bike is located in the state of Rhode Island, USA and local inspection is welcomed.

This appears to be an older restoration that I would classify as a daily rider in very good condition. It is not a trailer queen and has the patina of use with the scratches, nicks, and minor areas of light rust that are to be expected. It was last registered in 2017 and has a legal registration from the state of New Hampshire – NH only issues registrations but no titles for vehicles prior to model year 1999. It also comes with a 1996 title from the state of New Jersey with the signature of the seller but with the line for the buyer left blank. Based on the present odometer (6900) and the New Jersey title, which has 15000 mi listed on it, my assumption is someone restored it sometime around 1996 when the NJ title was issued, and 6900 miles has been put on it since then. Other than this, its history is not known.

I’ve started it in as little as 2 kicks from cold though of course when I went to video the start, it took 5 kicks - this after having sat about 20 minutes from an earlier start ( I think this was due to a low battery, but it could likely use a tune up, especially with the carbs since I rebuilt them. As it does not have a current registration I have only taken it up the road a bit but it ran pretty well, pulling strong from idle up to 50 mph. Back in 2014 I rode beside it for about 60 miles or so at the Distinguished Gentleman’s ride in Portsmouth, NH.

The speedo and tach work, as do all the electrics – horn, rear tail light/stop light, hi/lo beam, switches, tach & speedo lights (see video at It has a Boyer ignition.

Below is a list of what I’ve done since it came into my possession:

• New capacitor
• New seat mounting brackets welded on frame
• New cassette front wheel bearing, seals, & adjuster from AMC Spares – hub is actually an earlier one that someone machined the fins off to look like the skimmed “interim” hub used on the P11. Based on a cursory note that came with the bike I believe the hub is from 1963. The starting threads in the hub for the adjuster were slightly bunged up and I sacrificed an adjuster to act like a tap and cleaned them up.
• Sorted out some of the wiring as metal fatigue at many of the old connectors prompted installation of some new wires and new connectors – I used brass F crimp connectors not cheap hardware store crimp connectors
• New pilot lights for speedo & tach
• Rebuilt carbs with upgrade kit for early concentric carbs (see # 4, Early model Upgrades at
• New front fender brace - riveted to fender
• Installed steel brace under rear fender to reinforce tail light/plate bracket
• New oil lines
• New crank breather line with one way Dorman 80190 valve ( It appeared there was some weeping from the head and was informed by a Norton specialist it likely just needed this valve.
• New kill switch
• New horn/light dimmer switch
• New brackets for skid/bash plate
• Assorted new nuts and bolts
• New gas tank rubberband
• New chain
• New speedometer gearbox at rear wheel
• Changed engine oil – Valvoline Motorcycle VR 10w-40w
• Changed primary oil – Valvoline Motorcycle 10w-40w
• Changed tranny oil - Valvoline VR 50

It comes with a small assortment of new & used parts as well as relevant literature in 3-ring binders with Xeroxed repair, maintenance, and parts manuals as well as receipts of parts I’ve purchased.

Owner has set the price at $13000 USD and bike will not be released under any circumstances until funds have fully cleared. Pickup, crating, shipping, customs fees, etc. are the responsibility of buyer. I can help load if needed.