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New Build 1964 Triumph Bobber

Sold 12/09/2011

Spent the last year building a Triumph Bobber .I started with just a frame "Amen Savior". I was invited to have it inside at the jalopyrama show this past week 40 hot rods and one bike. The motorcycle was a huge success, best show around. Here are some photos. I built the bike to sell..... .......starts first

FOR SALE New Build-1964 Triumph Bobber- Amen Savior Frame-1967 650 Bonneville engine

This project was a joint effort between us, Bob Wolf of Wolf Cycles in Baltimore Maryland; he lives and breathes Triumphs and me, a car guy. We started with a complete and in great condition Amen Savior frame set-up for a Triumph. We did a complete rebuilt of 1967 Triumph 650 Bonneville engine. We split the case removed and cleaned the slug trap, balanced the crank, new rod bearing, new wrist-pins, new Hepolite pistons-rings, new valves guides and new valve job.

We put a Boyer ignition, new Boyer 12 volt twin output coil, new capacitor- new stator- new Tympanum unite and a new single Amal Mk1 carburetor to feed the beast. Bob tried a number of Gas tanks before we found the winner, a Triumph 500 tank cleaned and sealed. I wanted the bike to have a certain look that used only bike parts not new aftermarket stuff so the oil tank came from a 1960's BSA. The oil tank needed some modifications to fit the flow of the bike. The large coil springs on the rear of the frame set the tone for the build. So we mimicked the rear spring on the down tube on the front end.

The handle bars a solid Aluminum motocross bars mounted upside down (it looks like a water buffalo. cool). The frontend was totaled rebuilt with a 1968-1970 Triumph 19" wheel with a new tire and dual action lever break hub. The rear wheel and tire is a new, Sun polished aluminum 3.50 x18 dimples rim mounted with a Metzler 130/80v-18 tire laced with heavy gauge Buchanan's stainless steel spokes and nipples,. The tire is 6 3/8 wide to fill the space in the rear of frame and it looks great.

We bobbed a new 6 1/2" wide ribbed rear fender. Then we designed and incorporated the fender supports rods as part of the axel spacers so the fender travels with the tire, this allows very little space between the tire and fender. The rear tail light is a 1936 Ford taillight with a LED bulb.

The seat is a custom built pan and I found a 30 year old never used Cobra Chopper seat still in the box. My upholster refit the new-old set to the new pan, he said that the vinyl pattern is no longer available and it works so well on the bike. The frame was glass beaded then primed with Self-Etching Primer and painted with VHT Epoxy Satin Black also the handle bar, the Triumph badges; taillight and headlight buckets were painted the same.

The gas tank, oil tank and rear fender were glass beaded and primed with Self-Etching Primer and painter with Eastwood's Black Wrinkle Finish Paint. Every component on this bike has either been gone through and rebuilt or replace with new.

v Clear title-1964 Triumph TR6
v 1967 complete rebuilt top to bottom Bonneville 650 engine
v New Amal Mk1 Carburetor
v New Boyer 12 volt twin output coil-ignition
v New Stator-capacitor-Tympanum unite
v New 1936 Ford Tail light LED Bulb
v New Head light high/low beam
v New custom seat
v New Custom rear ribbed fender and supports brackets
v New front tire
v Rebuilt front 19" wheel 1968-1970 Triumph
v New rear tire
v New Sun polished aluminum rear wheel-hub-break
v Triumph 500 Gas tank
v BSA Oil tank modified

The price for the bike is $8,500.00

The bike has a top motor mounts it has very little vibration.... The bike move like a snake on the road and the power band is perfect.
Less than 60 miles on the bike.

NOTE: This bike was also previous featured in our Customer Bikes section.

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