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1967 Triumph Mountain Cub T20M

1967 Triumph Mountain Cub T20M
~3400 miles
Current Compression Ratio: 10:1
Currently has straight bars as pictured on tow truck (only physical modification)
8 gallons or 11.92 litres

This bike is a gem. Original paint, new seat upholstery, complete and runs. However, it runs poorly – we believe it to be a carb issue ($154 OEM PRICE). It kicks over first try then bogs down after several moments, or will run consistently for a trip around the block. I can no longer work on the bike and am looking for a new project. Please direct any questions to me and I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge. New clutch cable, new primary chain, comes with extra gaiters and foot pegs, rectifier added, was a daily rider…. I will ship internationally and accept credit cards through PayPal or money orders.

You may reach me here: [Click to reveal email address using reCAPTCHA] or by phone 971-209-5808
I am located in the United States, Oregon exactly.

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