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1969 Triumph TR6

1969 Triumph TR6 Custom 650cc. This bike has been in my family for 52 years. My uncle bought it brand new in Seattle Washington. He was drafted into the Army and sent to Vietnam a few months later. The bike sat in his basement until 1987 when he re-registered and rode it for about 3 years. My uncle became a Harley Davidson guy and the Triumph sat in his basement from 1990 until he gave it to me in 2008.

I had the bike repainted but kept the original black color. I also converted it over to electronic ignition. Everything else on the bike is original. The bike is in excellent condition. Never wrecked or dumped. I have enjoyed riding it for the past 13 years. Have taken it to many of the bike rallies around Florida.

Unfortunately, I no longer ride motorcycles and don't want to see the bike just sit in my garage for years. I'm looking for someone who will love and appreciate this motorcycle and take very good care of it.

$7,500 obo