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Bob Michalak Collection

I'm selling my Dad's British Motorcycle Collection which includes 134 titled bikes and 50 years of collecting parts. You may have known my Dad from past business, Bob Michalak from iota products in Michigan.

I'm looking to sell the entire collection as a whole but I would listen to offers to buy just the parts or just the bikes. The collection is made up of BSA, Norton, Triumph, Royal Enfield, and more. If you would like to make a serious offer or find out more about the collection please reach out to me at .

For each separate I would do 150K for the Bikes and 150K for the Parts. If someone wanted it all I would do that for 250K. Hopefully it goes to someone who loves it because I know my Dad did.

Here is the Itemized Bike List: [GOOGLE DOCS SPREADSHEET]

For the parts it's a little harder I have counts on the bigger items but not a complete inventory. Would need to come and see it to believe it! haha but here is the general idea.

Gas Tanks
177 Gas tanks

173 frames

127 engines complete
100's of partial engines and parts

163 (front)
129 (rear)

88 Seats

Wheels and Rims
158 Rims (no tires)
140 wheels w/rim
73 Wheels without rims

Exhaust Pipes

Misc and more
Literature (Parts Books, Maunals)
Decals, Badges
Lucas Parts
Timing Cover
Transmission Primary Cover
Small Nuts and Bolts

And everything else my Dad collected over the past 50 years

Max Michalak