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1966 BSA Lightning A65L / $6000.00

Sold 09/07/2011

1966 BSA Lightning A65

-Matching motor and frame
-S/N A65L14562
-Second owner (original miles estimated at <12,000)
-New clutch plates/drive/spring, primary chain adjuster, primary/crankcase sump/carbs gaskets, Sleeved (slides) Amal carbs (original carbs). Performed by (Beall & Narin out of Hookstown PA)
-New tires, chrome & paint
-New Tach & Speedo
-All major work performed professionally
-New Emgo mufflers
-Professionally recovered seat

-New fork boots
-Have original Tach & Speedo
-New tank and side pan badges
-New filler cap
-Tires are about 3 years old
-Needs a battery

The most recent work (08') was done by Beall & Nairn Cycle (Hookstown, PA) - noted above. They sent the Amal carbs to the state of Washington to be resleeved & new slides. My bill was $1454 ($774 was labor, $348 in parts - the balance was misc. materials and taxes). I can scan and send this if you'd like.

As far as work done on the bike, Rask Cycle out of Evans City PA did a minor tune up on it, and added a rectifier and electronic timing around 7 years ago.

Other than what I mentioned above;
-In a crazy time in my life I added stainless steel braided fuel lines (not something that I would do today).
-All cables, rubbers, bulbs
-The only after market items on the bike are Emgo mufflers, bulbs, cables, tires, paint, battery.
-The paint is not the best work, but it sufficed at the time (3 years ago). I gave up looking for "flamboyant red" and had my dad and a paint/body guy come up with the color (which has a little too much flake - making it darker than the original color).

The rest of the cosmetic work is too numerous to spell out. It just really didn't need anything since it hasn't has much use in it's 44 years.

-The title says it's a 67 - but I believe it is a 66' and that I titled it wrong?
-The luggage rack/sissy rack, whatever you call it, came with the bike when I bought it - i've never seen one before.
-I'd have to rummage though the spares that I have - they would all go with the bike.
-Headlight/toggle switch needs to be replaced - I have the "dial" version and haven't installed it.

Please feel free to ask ANY questions, I will be completely transparent in our communications. Let me know if you would like any additional and/or particular pictures.