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1958 Gold Star

Sold 01/15/2013

Hi Mark! I still need some more room to work on that Sq4 so I'll put my beloved Goldie on the block as well.

This bike was a piece of furniture for many years in a marina in Boca Rotan. I acquired it from Dale Connor in Georgia and he claims it saw some Daytona track time. Looks like it had been set up for road racing at one time.

What appealed to me about this Clubman was that the engine number was DBD34GS3401 just eight digits shy of my first racing Gold Star of 1967, (3408). It comes with the factory clip-ons and heavy duty cables (no.4). I hate to let it go, but I'm having too much fun rebuilding these old bikes that I don't have time to ride them; anyway I still can't drive as fast as I think I can.

I almost forgot, $21,500. and you can drive it home.