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1931 Ariel LF

Sold 03/08/2019

31ariel LF in first paint all numbers match asking 10.000cdn

The LF is amazingly complete and original. The '31 motor is free the piston is original. I gave the barrel a light hone and re seated the valves the motor is in running condition. The gearbox has been rebuilt and the clutch is complete The speedo and oil gauge both work but will need to be refreshed.

The mag is out being rebuilt at the moment and I have not looked at the dyno yet but it is complete. The bike is 100% original. The bike was shipped from Ariel works Jan 21 1931. It was shipped with no lights but with magdyno and the bike was shipped to Otto C. Ling and Son inc in New York and lights were then installed.

I can also arrange shipping.