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1973 Triumph Daytona 500 (T-100R)

Sold 05/16/2012

Un-restored survivor and time capsule.

1973 Triumph Daytona 500 (T-100R) Just passed 10,600 original miles. Reliable rider, head turner, and great investment. The 1973 Triumph Daytona 500's were the pinnacle in the long line of Triumph 500's. The most advanced, the most reliable, and the most collectable of all the 500's because these were the last full production year (a few were made in the strike year of 1974) and the last models with shifters on the right side of the bike. Starts on first or second kick.

This bike has been upgraded with an electronic ignition to help aide in idling and smooth running. It also has brand new Dunlop original equipment tires. I replaced the OLD electrical wiring harness on the bike with a brand new harness as the wires were getting a little brittle after 38 years. So ALL lights, signals horn, etc. work properly.

I also replaced the mufflers with NEW original equipment Wassell's. They sound great. The old ones had the baffles removed at some point and were a bit rusty and had some acid spill marks on them from the battery. Everything else on the bike is stock and original. The bike even still shows the original Triumph decals on the frame. Tank is still original Red and White stock paint job. Mudguards are original stock chrome parts.

This Triumph has been part of my collection and was purchased initially by me from another friend's collection. I believe I am the 3rd owner. The bike is a great example of the Classic Triumphs. *Bike is NOT an oil in frame bike like the 1971 and on 650 and 750's.

Bike can be a very fun and reliable rider OR restored totally and made into a showroom piece easily.