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BSA A10 Parts Collection

I have a parts accumulation of around $2500 all pertaining to swingarm bsa a10. I sold a 1959 bsa super rocket and gave the buyer the option of buying with or without the parts. he chose to buy without parts at a reduced price for the bike. if you or anybody in your area is looking to buy one part or the collection please contact me.

here's a small list I have, 2-dynamos ( one fully rebuilt with new armature, feild coils, brushes, bearings and end cap ) the other has new end cap and bearings, one good working k2f maneto ( polished to show quality ) new set of 8 valve springs, keepers and 2 exhaust valves (for super rocket), nice inner and outer timing cover set, new front hubcap, set of 4 nice used pushrods,

1 new kicker arm and shifter arm (quality chrome), 4 new sets of magneto points, n.o.s. dynamo brush holder and spring set, one used oil pump, one new dynamo chain, 2 new magneto bearings, 1 new set of tank emblems (1960-66) black pear shape, 1 new dynamo brush set, one complete std gearbox, 1 new clutch chain wheel and clutch center for 6-spring clutch, one nice used compensating sprocket assembly.

there are too many other parts too list and many new all imported from England. I will sell one part if needed or the whole collection for $1800 firm and this is a bargain. ( buyer pays for shipping )

thank-you ( wayne seriani )
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