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1967 Triumph Tiger Cub T20M

Sold 07/19/2013

1967 Triumph Tiger Cub T20M, the desired Mountain variant with 4145 miles.
I was 66 and had enjoyed many British motorcycles as a kid in Boston.
Decided after 40 years to recapture some of those experiences.

I found this Tiger Cub two years ago in Sonoma, CA.
The seller was another old guy, who had run a British bike shop.
He finished up a light restoration initiated by the previous owner.

It's not Concourse, but a beautiful used 1967 Tiger Cub.
The seat is barely worn, nuts and bolts have light surface rust.
Foot pegs, tires, gators, etc seem too good to be original.
The speedometer is quite perfect.
Currently registered in California, clear title, etc.

Took it for a spin 3 months ago
Was perfect, but now starts up only for 10 seconds.
It's a garage-queen problem.

Neil, proprietor of the Motorcycle Museum in Pacific Grove knows about this bike.
Please see, The Baby Bonny, at