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Part Number 06-3456/A

Norton Commando oiltank reconditioning service!

These are better than new reconditioned and highly reinforced tanks with new heavy duty rubber mounts.

These are not inexpensive, but as the oiltank reconditioner says: “A new one will break same as the old one did. Exact same design of course, so it is just a matter of time.”

Note: $100.00 for a core if needed.

Here is the work that is performed to a cracked, leaking, stock tank - There are a number of upgrades and modifications done to improve on the original design as the original upper mounts fail and when the lower mount gets over loaded it will fracture the tank:

 * The oil tank gets completely boiled out to remove any sludge and build up. This also strips all paint off.
 * The lower tank mount gets cut off and a plate is brazed over the area to ensure any hairline cracks are covered up.
 * The rear mount is beefed up for added strength.
 * The spigot to the chain oiler (if equipped) is closed up.
 * The oil tank is finished in a gloss powder coat.
 * The finish is removed to bare metal where it is needed to ensure proper sealing when installed.
 * Included are two rubber mounts that are far stronger than the original.
 * Stainless steel hardware to mount is included.
 * A high density foam pad to install between the battery cover and oil tank is included.