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Tools, General

Part Number    Description                                                  Sold As       Thumbnail   
221-01 - Battery charger, 6v/12v mini
221-02      Tool, chain breaker                      EA
22102001.jpg (13709 bytes)
221-02/TIP - TIPS, SPARE FOR TOOL 221-02, 5 PACK
221-02/A    Tool, chain breaker, heavy duty          EA
22102a002.jpg (14362 bytes)
221-03     File, points, flexstone                   EA
22103.jpg (13603 bytes)
221-04     Degree wheel, timing, plastic             EA
22104002.jpg (21887 bytes)
221-04/A   Degree wheel, timing, metal               EA
221-05 Tool, valve lapping
221-062551 Screwdriver, reversible                   EA
221-07     Grease gun, small, British type           EA
221-08     Hydrometer, battery                       EA
22108002.jpg (10318 bytes)
221-09     Socket, tubular, spark plug               EA
221_09.jpg (23396 bytes)
221-0903   Truing stand, wheels                      EA
221-09041  Balance kit, truing stand                 EA
221-10 - Engine Stands
221-10/A/A   Engine Stand, Triumph 650/750 Unit Twins  EA
221-100    Tool, Cyl.HD.Head Holding
221_100_001.jpg (31782 bytes)
221-102    Tool, TDC indicator                       EA
           (Goes in spark plug hole)
221_102_001.jpg (9942 bytes)
221-11     Gear puller, universal BSA type           EA
22111001.jpg (13583 bytes)
221-12     Wrench, spoke nipple, universal           EA
22112001.jpg (14801 bytes)
221-13     Tool, impact driver                       EA
22113.jpg (22224 bytes)
221-14     Tyre iron, 12" flat type                  EA
221-15     Tyre iron, 7" spoon type                  EA
22115.jpg (10096 bytes)
221-16/BSA Tool bag, BSA logo                        EA
22116BSA001.jpg (5633 bytes)
221-16/NOR Tool bag, NORTON logo                     EA
22116NOR002.jpg (7984 bytes)
221-16/TRI Tool bag, TRIUMPH logo                    EA
22116TRI001.jpg (5807 bytes)
221-17     Tool roll                                 EA
22117001.jpg (8289 bytes)
221-17/BSA Tool roll, BSA logo                       EA
22117BSA001.jpg (7526 bytes)
221-17/NOR Tool roll, NORTON logo                    EA
22117NOR001.jpg (7642 bytes)
221-17/TRI Tool roll, TRIUMPH logo                   EA
22117TRI002.jpg (8510 bytes)
221-175    Toolset, valve guides                    SET
221_175_002.jpg (12994 bytes)
221-188    Tool, strap wrench                        EA
221188001.jpg (11058 bytes)
221-20     Spanners, Whitworth, open end, 6 piece   SET
22120.jpg (8963 bytes)
221-21     Spanners, Whitworth, box end 5 piece     SET
22121.jpg (8730 bytes)
221-22     Spanners, Whitworth, comb. 7 piece       SET
22122.jpg (13767 bytes)
 221-22/ER - Wrenches, 8 piece, Whitworth Combination, Rolson
221-210    Tool, cable oiler, hydraulic              EA
221210001.jpg (15080 bytes)
221-210/A TOOL, UNIVERSAL CABLE OILER, FOR SPRAY CAN - Used to inject lubricant into cable housing Clamps over housing and wire allowing an aerosol can to be connected. Once lube runs out the far end, the cable is lubricated.
221-211    Tool, valvespring compressor, tubular     EA
221211001.jpg (10765 bytes)
221-215/A  Tool, thread file, UNF/UNC                EA
221215a001.jpg (10137 bytes)
221-215/B  Tool, thread file, British                EA
221-235    Tool, dimpling, cable ferrule             EA
221235.jpg (11327 bytes)
221-24     Spanner, box, 3/8x5/16 Whitorth           EA
221-25     Socket set, BSW, 6pc, 12pt, 3/8", UK     SET
221-25/A   Socket set, BSW, 6pc, 12pt, KOKEN        SET
22125A.jpg (10899 bytes)
221-25/B   Socket set, BSW, 8pc, 12pt, KOKEN        SET
22125B.jpg (9978 bytes)
221-25/C   Socket set, deep BSW, 8pc, 6pt, KOKEN    SET
22125C.jpg (9424 bytes)
221-25/D   Socket set, BSW, 8pc, 6pt, KOKEN         SET
22125D.jpg (9525 bytes)
221-25/E   Socket set, BA, 9pc, 6pt, KOKEN          SET
22125E.jpg (7405 bytes)
221-26     Valveseat cutter kit, NEWAY              SET
22126.jpg (16105 bytes)
221-26/A   Pilot, expandable, 3/8", NEWAY            EA
221-26/B   Pilot, expandable, 11/32", NEWAY          EA
226-26/TC Series       Neway Replacement Cutter Blades
221-27 Valve refacer kit, NEWAY
221-28     Tool, ferrule crimping, small             EA
221_28.jpg (25623 bytes)
221-29     Tool, ferrule crimping, medium            EA
22129001.jpg (4327 bytes)
221-29/A   Tool, ferrule crimping, large             EA
221-30 - Thread gauge tool
221-301    Tool, valve guide, drift                  EA
221301.jpg (10245 bytes)
221-302    Tool, valve guide, drift 3 cylinder       EA
221-31     Toolkit, Mikuni carb, 8 piece             EA
22131a.jpg (10081 bytes)
221-36    Tool, shockspring installation, wall mount EA
221-37    Tool, bullet connector, crimping           EA
22137001.jpg (15104 bytes)
221-38    Synchroniser, twin carbs, CARBTUNE         EA
22138002.jpg (15540 bytes)
221-38/A  Case, carb synchroniser, padded            EA
22138A001.jpg (6902 bytes)
221-39    Synchroniser, four carbs, CARBTUNE         EA
22139001.jpg (18831 bytes)
221-40 - Valve Guide Hone, Ball Type, 8mm
221-400935   Screwdriver & feeler gauge              EA
221-500      Colortune kit                           EA
221-600049 - Tool, Tyre Pump, 14-1/4"
221-600296 - Tool, Tyre Pump, 12"
221-602251   Wrench, flat, 1-1/8X1-5/16              EA
221-64947081   Tool, shock spring, adjusting         EA
22164947081.jpg (8799 bytes)
221-689467     Tool, valve stem                      EA
221689467.jpg (5628 bytes)
221-82/5560    Tool, ring compressor, 55-60mm        EA
221-82/6065    Tool, ring compressor, 60-65mm        EA
221-82/6570    Tool, ring compressor, 65-70mm        EA
221-82/7075    Tool, ring compressor, 70-75mm        EA
221-82/7580    Tool, ring compressor, 75-80mm        EA
221-82/8085    Tool, ring compressor, 80-85mm        EA
221827075.jpg (9380 bytes)
221-91         Workbench, hydraulic lift             EA
22191.jpg (22830 bytes)