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Part Number 335-06

5.147 HIGH X 4.660 WIDE X 2.300 DEEP

This high quality 6V replacement for the out of production Lucas MLZ9E is shipped dry-charged, so requires filling with electrolyte (obtainable locally from any auto supply shop) and to be put on a charger before use.

This type of battery was fitted to 1961 and later Triumph unit 350/500 and all unit construction 6V Triumph and BSA and some Norton, and two of these were hooked in series on first 12V Triumph and BSA twins.

This is the only 6V plastic battery used any of on these models. Also, 1961 and later, dual downtube 6T and T110 bathtub models used these. Preunit Triumph non bathtub models and all earlier used the taller hard rubber type with cap.