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40-0391/A Roller Conversion
Right Hand Crank C15/B40

No machining necessary; drop in conversion 
from right hand bushing and sleeve. Has two flats, inner race, outer race, rollers and steel case.

Just in with the same shipment as the above conversion: Huge shipment of genuine ALPHA engine components for both popular models, AND rarer bikes such as Norton Manx, BSA M20, etc.

*CAST IRON VALVEGUIDES, high quality and correct material for those rebuilds where bronze is not preferred or specified.

*PHOSPHOR BRONZE VALVEGUIDES where this material was used originally, and our AMPCO 45 guides are not available.

*SMALL END BUSHINGS, machined to very fine limits from original specification material or better.

*Complete replacement BIG END BEARING kits for virtually all Triumph, BSA, Norton, Matchless, and AJS single cylinder models each contain a superbly machined crankpin, hardened outer race, rollers, and cages to do the job right. Correctly ground nuts are also supplied where originally specified.

*RH crank sleeves for C15 and B40 models, as original, for use with standard right hand crank bushings.

*Replacement RH crank bushings, steel backed bronze ("two piece style") for all Triumph and BSA models with bushing on RH of crank. These are stocked in a large range of undersizes, for reground cranks.

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