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Cylinder Sleeves

443 Series

BCS is an authorized distributor of LA Sleeves, to return to standard size and have many more years of happy riding.

If your barrel is scored beyond reboring, you may be able to resleeve the cylinder. Give us a call to discuss your needs. We carry a large selection of sleeves from L.A. Sleeve Company for British Bikes, as well as from other sources.


General Rules for Sleeve Installation:

These tips are intended to be a guide for installing sleeves into cylinders. There are always exceptions to the rule and care must be taken on special applications.

1) Interference fit for cylinder sleeve to aluminum bore is .004.
2) Interference fit for cylinder sleeve to a cast iron bore is .002 to .003.
3) Installation of flange type sleeves follow the same rules, but the top of the cylinder must have a countersink to the correct depth to accept the flanged sleeve.
4) Heating the cylinder for 45 minutes to an hour at 350 to 450 degrees is preferable.
5) Freeze your sleeve.
6) The sleeve should slide in very easily when the cylinder is properly heated.
7) Remember to rap the sleeve down after the cylinder has cooled off.
8) Milling the top deck of the cylinder always adds a quality touch. A caution here, some cylinders may not be able to have the top surface decked.

Buy a sleeve, save a barrel