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Peg, Stand and Shift Rubbers

Part Number              Description                                                     Sold As
532-04                        Rider, BSA, Oval                                              EA 532_04.jpg (20725 bytes)
532-04/ER - BSA Footpeg Rubber, No Logo
532-05                        Kick, BSA, Closed End                                    EA 53205.jpg (9100 bytes)
532-06                        Kick, Burman, Gearbox                                    EA 53206.jpg (10305 bytes)
532-10                        Shift, Burman, Gearbox                                     EA  53210.jpg (6170 bytes)
532-11                        Shift, BSA Preunit                                             EA  53211.jpg (7868 bytes)
532-1107                    Rider, HYDE Rearsets                                      EA  
532-1201                    DUNSTALL Rearsets                                       EA  5321201.jpg (10034 bytes)
532-15                        Shift & Stand, Triumph, BSA                             EA 53215.jpg (6028 bytes)
532-18                        Kick, Norton Type                                            EA 53218.jpg (9852 bytes)
532-18/ER                  Kick, 1962 on, Norton, Economy                      EA 53218er.jpg (10848 bytes)
532-19                        Kick, Bantam                                                    EA 53219.jpg (6283 bytes)
532-21/A                    Rider, BSA Logo                                              EA  53221a.jpg (8969 bytes)
532-21/ER                  Rider, BSA Logo, Economy                              EA   
532-23/A - Rubber, Rider, Triumph Logo
532-23/B - Rubber, Rider, Triumph Logo, Early
532-23/C                    Rider, TRIUMPH, Name, Cutaway                   EA 53223c.jpg (8884 bytes)
532-23/ER                  Rider, TRIUMPH, Name, Economy                  EA 53223er.jpg (8834 bytes)
532-38                        Pass, BSA & Late Triumph, Ariel                      EA  53238.jpg (8732 bytes)
532-38/A                    Passenger, BSA Logo                                        EA 53238a.jpg (9036 bytes)
532-38/ER                  Pass, BSA & Late Triumph, Ariel, Economy      Pair 53238er.jpg (18396 bytes)
532-44                        Pass, Triumph, Flat Type, Economy                   Pair 53244.jpg (19042 bytes)
532-44/A                    Pass, TRIUMPH Logo                                      EA 53244a.jpg (8667 bytes)
532-44/A/ER              Pass, TRIUMPH Logo, Economy                      Pair  
532-47                        Kick, AMC Gearbox, Closed End                     EA  
532-49                        Shift & Stand, Triumph, Early                            EA  
532-49/A                    Shift & Stand, Triumph, Open End                     EA 532_49a.jpg (24635 bytes)
532-49/B                    Shift & Stand, Triumph, Logo                             EA  53249b.jpg (7444 bytes)
532-51                        Kick, Triumph, Closed End                                EA  53251.jpg (11353 bytes)
532-51/A                    Kick, TRIUMPH, Logo                                     EA  532_51a.jpg (18107 bytes)
532-54                        Shift, Norton                                                      EA  53254.jpg (8559 bytes)
532-54/ER                  Shift, Norton, Economy                                      EA  53254er.jpg (8488 bytes)
532-58                        Passenger, Norton                                              EA  53258.jpg (11671 bytes)
532-58/ER                  Passenger, Norton, Economy                              Pair 53258er.jpg (15741 bytes)
532-74                        Kick, BSA, Open End, Short                             EA   
532-74/A                    Kick, BSA Logo, Short                                      EA  53274a.jpg (9461 bytes)
532-74/ER                  Kick, BSA Logo, Long, Economy                      EA 53274er.jpg (9233 bytes)
532-75                        Rider, Front Folding                                           EA   
532-75/A                    Rider, BSA, Logo                                              EA  53275a.jpg (8526 bytes)
532-80                        Kick, Triumph, 71 on, A65, Open                      EA 53280.jpg (8447 bytes)
532-80/A                    Kick, Triumph, Open, With Name                      EA  532_80a.jpg (25549 bytes)
532-81                        Front & Early Rear, Norton                                EA   
532-81/ER                  Front & Early Rear, Norton, Economy                Pair 53281er.jpg (16563 bytes)
532-825022                Rider, Cub Folding, With Logo                           EA  532825022.jpg (8473 bytes)
532-825022/ER          Rider, Cub Folding, Blank                                   EA  532825022er.jpg (8959 bytes)
532-832651                Rider, Oilframe, BSA                                          EA   
532-832651/ER          Rider, Oilframe, BSA, Economy                          Pair 532832651er.jpg (17666 bytes)
532-837256                Rider, Left Hand, 79 on, Triumph                        EA  532837256001.jpg (8211 bytes)
532-837256/59/ER     Rider, 79on, TR7/140, Economy                         Pair 53283725659er.jpg (19009 bytes)
532-837259                Rider, Right Hand, 79 on, Triumph                      EA   
532-904805                Footrest, Bantam, Early                                       EA  532904805.jpg (8363 bytes)
532-A2/507                Front, NORTON, Early, D Shape                       EA  532a2507001.jpg (10943 bytes)

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