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Part Number 546-92

Made in the UK.

This drop-in kit will upgrade pre1969 BSA forks without internal damper rods to the much better double damper system. Kit includes all items required for the conversion, as shown in the photo, and we can supply fresh bushings and seals for a full rebuild.

This item is a reproduction of the aftermarket kit designed and marketed by the late Eddie Dow, famous BSA dealer, racer, and parts manufacturer who designed this back in the 1950s. A man so talented that BSA copied his ideas on bikes such as the BSA Rocket Gold Star, Mr. Dow passed away in March of 2017 at age 96, but his designs live on.

These kits are intended for forktubes that are 22-1/2 inches long, and are a pretty straightforward replacement for the standard parts, but use 215 to 220cc of fork oil in each fork leg, SAE20 grade can be used, and for heavier action a 30 grade can be used, it is important that lower valve body is fully immersed in oil at full fork extention to ensure correct operation.

Here is a copy of the old installation instructions for the original complete kit from Eddie Dow that came with new alloy top yoke, so was more complicated. No new bushings are required with this kit unless your old ones are worn.