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Points Covers For Triumph Unit Singles and Twins

70-8737 Series

British Cycle Supply now has six variations on the points cover for Triumph Unit Singles and Twins.
We are confident that we have the style to match your build!

Used with #71-1462 gasket and two #70-7354 screws.

70-8737    - Chrome Points Cover
70-8737/A  - Finned Points Cover, Shallow, Webco Style
70-8737/B  - Alloy Points Cover with Logo
70-8737/C  - Alloy Points Cover, Spade
70-8737/D  - Alloy Points Cover, Iron Cross
70-8737/SS - Stainless Points Cover

#70-8737 - Chrome Points Cover

#70-8737/A - Finned, Shallow, Webco Style

#70-8737/B - Alloy Points Cover with Logo

#70-8737/C - Alloy, Spade

#70-8737/D - Alloy, Iron Cross

#70-8737/SS - Stainless Points Cover