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"Gargoyle" Tail Lamp Housing
83-2693 - housing, tail lamp, singles, 1971/72 - on hand!
83-2736 - housing, tail lamp, A75, 1971on - on hand!
Original factory grey finish!

83-2786 - housing, tail lamp, 1971/72 650
83-2877 - housing, tail lamp, T150/T100, 1971/72
83-3596 - housing, tail lamp, X75
The front edges of 83-2693 & 83-2736 can be shortened to to fit the other applications listed above!
(Note: The upturned front edge protects the tail light wires leading to the fender indent where they connect with the main wiring harness. The length of the front edge varies depending upon the mounting of the fender in relation to tail light housing.)
These hard to find 1971/1972 New Old Stock tail light housings are priced the same as we were selling bare metal repros for, until stocks run out.
We also have beading strips (83-3213) on hand by the length or by the foot, and plenty of reproduction Lucas tail light units (391-53973/ER).
As of March, 2004, we also have a small quantity of Genuine Lucas New Old Stock tail light units on hand, but supplies are very limited.


83-2693 Tail Lamp Housing, Triumph/BSA Singles 1971/72
10-1/2" from tail piece to front edge

83-2736 Tail Lamp Housing BSA A75 1971 on
9-1/4" from tail piece to front edge

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