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Ariel Square Four Mk2 Rotary Oil Pump

The new Morgo Square four rotary oil pump will fit all mk2 engines with single or duplex timing chains. Please specify timing chain style when ordering pump to ensure you get correct installation kit. No modification is required to the engine casings or cycle parts.

Why should I buy a new Morgo Ariel Super Rotary Pump? To put the matter into simple terms it is all about quality, efficiency, reliability, heat, and peace of mind.


All Morgo products are manufactured to a very high standard from the best materials available at the time for the purpose in hand. All Rotary pumps are run and fully tested on our test rigs, for feed from oil tank vacuum, pump to engine delivery pressure continuity, scavenge vacuum, and for scavenge to feed delivery differential achievement performance.


The new Morgo super Rotary pump is capable of delivering a much greater flow when the oil is hot. A Rotary pump of the new type will still pump oil adequately when the oil is in a very contaminated condition, and the pump is very worn. Normally wear on the small gears used in most British motorcycle oil pumps has a dramatic effect on pumps performance, and reduces the pumps working pressure, scavenge, or both. This resulting in either reduced oil pressure or the crank case oil level being too high .


It has been reported back to us by customers that they have noticed a significant decrease in engine temperature. This can only be attributed to the greater oil flow, establishing that the oil is doing a better job of both lubricating and cooling the engine.


1 Rotary pump.
1 Drive nut.
1 Drive coupling.
1 Spring washer.
1 Gasket. (2 off for Duplex type engines)
4 Shims.
2 Tab washers.
3 Hex bolts.

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