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Brakeshoe Relining Service

For most classic British motorcycle applications, we have brand new brakeshoes in stock, supplied either by FERODO for best performance, or EMGO for best value, but if you are looking for brakeshoes that we have no current supplier for we offer a quality classic motorcycle brakeshoe relining service if you still have the old shoes, and the castings are still in good shape.

Our experienced and well equipped USA subcontractors take the old shoes, remove all old material, completely clean them, and carefully bond on a high quality moulded non-asbestos material and cure the adhesive thoroughly.

To take advantage of this service and give new life to those out-of-production brakeshoes, please send the shoes to your nearest BCS warehouse labeled with exact motorcycle application details, and allow sufficient time for processing. Price per pair is $98.00.

Canadian customers can send to our Nova Scotia warehouse to be included in our next company truck to NJ if in no rush, or can send directly to our USA warehouse to speed things up if desired.

Though we prefer to send out shoes for relining in batches to keep costs down, if you are really in a hurry, please specify if you wish to cover additional costs for rush shipping back and forth to our reliners, and back to you on your order.