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LED Conversion Kits

British Cycle Supply Company is the exclusive North American distributor of Bulbsthatlast4ever LED conversions. We've looked around and these are simply the best kits available!

Motor fearlessly through the dark with the 21st century technology of Light Emitting Diodes. Brighter, more reliable and longer lasting than old fashioned bulbs, LEDs are clearly the safer choice. They also use less energy!

Kits install in 60 minutes or less.

Kits Available from British Cycle Supply

60-7448/A     - Rectangle Signal LED Conversion Kit (Requires LED Flasher Relay)
391-56605/LED - Lucas Signal LED Conversion Kit (Requires LED Flasher Relay)
391-53454/LED - Lucas L564 Taillight LED Conversion Kits
391-53973/LED - Lucas L679 And L917 Taillight LED Conversion Kits
394-01/LED    - Vincent "Stop" Taillight LED Conversion Kits

Our signal kits require a specialized flasher to function. Choose the right unit for your build.

Flasher Relay Units

391-35048/A - LED Flasher Unit, Positive & Negative Ground
391-35048/B - LED Flasher Unit, Positive With Running Lights
391-35048/C - LED Flasher Unit, Negative With Running Lights