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Reflectors 391-57161 & 391-57162


Both reflectors have the same bezel, reflector piece and washer, but use different rubbers to attach them to their respective brackets.

391-57161 is used with the rubber shown below 
(BCS # 391-56161/RUBBER) to attach it to bracket 82-8194 
for 1968-1970 Triumph models.


If the original bracket 82-8194 is missing, alternate bracket 83-2903 can be used. (Bracket 82-8194 has an open face; bracket 83-2903 has a bar across, as shown.) If alternate bracket 83-2903 is used, the rubber that is supplied with the reflector 391-57162 can be attached using an appropriate bolt, washer and nut. 


The above rubber is supplied with reflector 391-57162

For the "bolt on" type reflectors, Lucas 391-57162, the following items items can be used for fitting:
1) 21-2120 bolt;
1) 21-0778 locknut; 1) 97-1388 washer
1) 60-2416  lock washer
(Screw supplied, which is for sheet metal installation, should be removed and the above parts subbed)

This reflector fits "L" brackets on front of 1970 and earlier BSA twins and singles, and Norton Commandos. We do not currently have a supplier for the "L" brackets, but they are very simple and can be fabricated easily.

This reflector was also used on the rear tail housing of 1970 and earlier Commando Roadsters, and on the 1970 and earlier Norton Fastback tail housing, but may have been red on some applications. At present, we can only supply in amber, as used on fronts.

For under tank mounting on 1970 and earlier Triumph twins, the 391-57162 reflector and associated parts noted above can be used with reflector housing bracket 83-2903, replacing original housing 82-8194 and push fit type reflector 391-57161. Appearance is identical to original, but this arrangement is much more secure against loss from theft or vibration than the original.

For 1971 and later 500 Triumph T100C and T100R, already equipped with the 83-2903 housing bracket, the 391-57162 reflector and the above hardware can be used to replace the original 391-57183 reflectors for a much more attractive appearance than original as the 391-57162 has a chrome bezel ring rather than nothing, as originally supplied.

For 1970 and earlier Triumph twins and for oilcooler covers on 1970 and earlier Rocket 3, which were originally supplied with "push in" style reflectors 391-57161, the 391-57162 reflector will work with additional rubber 391-57161/RUBBER to replace the "bolt on" type rubber backing that comes with 391-57162. The rubber supplied with the 391-57162 can easily be removed and set aside, and the 391-57161/RUBBER installed in its place, to convert the 391-57162 to a 391-57161. Otherwise, the two reflectors are identical.

Although the 391-57162 reflector with 391-57161/RUBBER, as noted above, will be exactly as stock 391-57161, it is recommended that for anyone with a Triumph twin who requires the reflectors and the housing bracket, the following a good looking and secure arrangement:

1) 391-57162 amber reflector with chrome surround. (Remove sheet metal screw and discard.)
1) 83-2903 housing bracket
1) 21-2120 bolt; 1) 21-0778 locknut
; 1) 97-1388 washer
1) 60-2416  lock washer

For those who wish to have bolt on type reflectors, but are on a tight budget, the later amber 391-57183/ER or red 391-575189/ER (as used standard on all 1971 and later Triumph, BSA, and Norton, except single and 3 cylinder front) are a simple replacement for the 391-57162 at a much lower price, but are not nearly as attractive.

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