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BCS PART # 71-1351/A

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This high capacity oil pump is suitable for fitting to all variations of the BSA/Triumph three cylinder engine. The pump is of all new construction and no parts, apart from the drive gear and retaining screw and the screws that hold the pump cover to the base plate, are interchangeable with the standard items.

The internal arrangements of the pumps are similar to the original, but with both the feed and scavenge pumping gears lengthened by 50%. Therefore the possible pumping capacity is increased by 50%. It should be noted that the pump will not in itself provide increased oil pressure, as this is controlled by the oil pressure relief valve, however at low engine revolutions with a very hot engine an increase in pressure may well be noticed.

The body and cover of the pump are manufactured from a high grade (Grade17) Cast Iron, and machined totally from a bar form of this material. The gears, idler spindle and back plate are manufactured from EN24T Steel.

The pump requires an early type of drive gear to be fitted. A lightened version of this component is supplied with the pump, British Cycle Supply part number being 70-7249/A.

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