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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the call today just begging for pics. of  "Two Goldies".  Naturally this took an AWFUL lot of arm twisting! But here she & he are in full bloom. Bike is a 56 DBD Gold star, total ground up restoration  by myself, (with numerous parts from Brit. Supply of course) Tank is ORIGINAL factory 4 gal. tank. Some extra goodies, like 2" inlet valve, scrambles cams, 9 to 1 piston, new liner, polished /opened ports, & 1038 (1.5") concentric. T1 gearbox. NOT A TRAILER QUEEN!  VERY fast/potent/ but reliable bike. This bike is ridden at each & every opportunity. (2500 miles this summer, 03) MANY awards including best BSA entered at Larz Anderson  event in Boston, Mass. 03. & ridden in. 

It's faithful guardian is "Chester" who is known to smell a burger (or invader, don't mess with him) at 300 yds.! Both VERY well loved & cared for.
                           "GOLDIE----YOU HAVE TO RIDE ONE TO UNDERSTAND" 

Thanks a lot, Brian Bayliss.

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