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Hey guys,

Long time no talk!!!

Just wanted to give you guys an update on the BSA build, there has been some changes since you seen her last.

The bike's name is, and this is gonna sound weird but, "A Voodoo Woman Named Phyliss" it's from an Adam Sandler movie called "Waterboy", it seems to fit her just fine.

We got some parts donated to us from a couple of places so now "real" building can begin. We have the motor in place, the start of an exhaust system, the oil tank is almost done, we have a rear fender, although not what we wanted, we wanted a "ribbed" fender but beggers can't be chosey, right? We got original wheels with some kick ass Avon tires on them, an Avon Speedmaster MK II on the front!!, the wheels have all new brakes. We have an issue with the front end now, of course, now that we have a wheel with a "captive" axle, we can't use the Harley front-end any more, we need to use a front end with caps or "drop-out" style in the front, do you guys have any of those?? I know we will have to find some new bearings for the neck if we drop down a size on the steering tube.

Anyway you can also see by one of the pictures we still have your banner incase you were looking for it!! I can send it down to you, I didn't realise we still had it until just the other day.

Let me know what the crew thinks so far!!


Marc Mazerolle
Teacher/Bike Club Manager
Bernice MacNaughton High School
Moncton, New Brunswick

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