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Bob Richardson's 1937 AJS

This is a 1937 AJS type 37/32. I found the bike in England and after months trying to purchase the bike and the paper work to get it back to the States I was wondering if it would ever end up here. I have the correct paper work on the bike, confirming all the engine and frame numbers match. 75% of the bike was complete, and the past year I have been piecing the rest together. Just found a workshop manual for the bike which should make life a little easier. It is a 250cc, three valve engine. One intake and two exhaust, this is the reason for the dual exhaust out. It runs fantastic and I have driven it some. Takes a bit to get used to. Does leak like all the good British bikes, but the only one is the trans around the kicker. Would like to find a tool kit for the bike, and a tire pump. One thing I need is a spare spark plug. Just got the original tail light, a new light switch, and a couple other parts. If any one knows where I can find some of the parts I would appreciate the help. I will help anyone who has interest in what I have found. This bike is a real treasure for me as the rest of my bikes are 70's era Triumphs and Nortons. I just joined the US AJS and Matchless Club, and keep meeting new people everyday, involved with the British bikes. Hope you all enjoy the pictures.

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