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Hi Mark, 

As you might have heard, I won my first 3 races on the new Triton. Also two 3rds and a 4th on the B50 in Spts 500. Leading both Ch'ships as of now!! A good start to the season. Here is a pic of the new Triton.

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Here are some specs:

Wideline Featherbed Manx replica frame, built in UK.
Short roadholder forks with internal damper modifications, in Manx Replica Triple Clamps, with Works Performance "spec" springs, Pro-Flo clip-ons, Amal alloy levers and Storz steering Damper.
Atlas front hub, with brake stiffener kit, and brakes by Vintage Brake, in Excel Wm2 shoulderless rim with SS spokes and nipples--by Buchanan---Dunlop KR 825 tyre.
Modified Triumph conical rear hub---brakes by Vintage Brake, sprockets by Sprocket Specialists, in Excel Wm3 shoulderless rim with SS spokes and nipples--by Buchanan---Dunlop KR 124 A tyre. Renthal "Works" 520 chain.
Shocks by Works Performance Products.
The motor is a Hybrid of varying vintage parts, with balanced crank, 9 bolt top end, stainless valves, Q-cams and is running an ARD magneto and 34mm Mikuni carbs. Mostly carefully selected stock parts. It was built by my good friend Gary Swan from Toad Town Racing in LA.
Commando AMC close-ratio 4 speed gearbox, built by Phil Radford from Fairspares America,  with modified NEB belt drive primary system.
Hand built, alloy, Manx Replica "short circuit/sprint" petrol tank, and central oil tank, from the UK.
Manx seat.
Modified chrome swept back pipes and reverse cone megaphones.
Alloy footpegs, and brake lever.


In mid 2003 I decided to go ahead and build the bike, so started  searching for parts.
The front hub, seat and belt drive were donated by my pal and sponsor, "Uncle Gil" Vaillancourt from Works Performance. The gearbox cases were procured by my friend "Champagne Bob" McKeever, and I bought a close-ratio gearset from RGM in the UK. Phil Radford built the box, with both new and used parts. The frame, forks, engine plates, tanks, pipes, rear hub all came out of the UK, and I did not get the parts until Feb 2nd 2004. Just about everything had to be re-engineered and modified, to even fit--close!!! Most of the machine work was done by my good friend Stan Peterson from Autocourse Engineering. The final fab work, by Steve Davidson Designs. Working night and day, I finally rolled the bike off the workbench on Feb 21st, and loaded it in the van to go to Los Angeles, for its trip to Florida---STILL NOT FIRED UP !!
On Wed 25th at Jennings GP, North Florida, I finished off the final few little things that needed doing to get the bike teched for the following days race--The first round of the AHRMA National Championship----THEN---fired it up!!! It ran good, and in the race on Thursday (in nasty conditions) I got to find out how things worked!! Talk about a baptism of fire!!! Anyway--we won our class, and headed off to Daytona,
Other than a couple of minor "glitches" the bike ran great, and I beat last years National Champ both days. VERY COOL !!
The bike got back to California on the 6th Feb, and I started "re- modelling" it immediately!!  It weighed 289 lbs --wet, and I am hoping to get it under 280lbs !!
Just re-modified the fork internals and changed springs and steel fork cap nuts for alloy, converted the rear brake from rod to cable operation, replaced the Manx rearset gear linkage with a stock pedal reversed, changed the steering stops and a whole bunch of other detail changes. Already lost over 2lbs!!
I would like to thank my Sponsors, Works Performance, Barnett Cables, Green Valley Industrial for fasteners etc, and  Sprocket Specialists. Also, huge thanks to Mike Morse from Vintage Brake, Gary, Stan, Phil, Steve, and Bob for their help. Couldn't have made it without you!!
I am urgently looking for help getting the bike to the races this year. We have a very good chance of winning the National title--IF we can make the races. Getting everything shipped all over the country is very costly, and time consuming, and any help would be greatly appreciated.
Any interested parties can contact me at,
Shop--- 831 484 7778
Home eves--- 831 663 1099
Cell--- 831 596 0061

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