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Hello Wayne... thanx for your help with the tires. Here's the info on the bike to the best of my knowledge. Despite the paperwork... I don't think she is an M23. Frankly, I don't really care... I'm not selling it & it's a blast to drive around Toronto. She's a "one kick" start. Good acceleration, top end is about 65 mph (with a good tail wind) but the brakes are the pits when you're used to discs. The photo was taken last November. I've put another $2,000 into her since then.



- 1940 M23 S/N ?? 31 404 but does not match. S/N should be KM23 101.
- Possibly a B33 with a rigid frame, wt 420 lbs. S/N would be XB31 101 if built in '46 or '47,    YB31 101 if built in '48 & ZB31 101 if built in '49 (matching engine S/N)
- Could also be an M33, M21, M20.
- M21 used an M20 frame with a 496 c.c. sv bored out to 591 c.c., wt 425 lbs.


- S/N ZB33 377.
- S/N matches exactly 1949 B33 motor.
- 499 c.c. ohv single (bored out from B31 348 c.c. ohv single, giving it more torque).
- Occasionally inserted into M21 frame to pep up performance for sidecar use.

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