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Corrupted Triumph

Owner / Concept : Dewey Bond - Geneva Florida

Dewey Bond & Scott T. Hall

Scott T. Hall / Corrupted Concepts

Scott T. Hall / Corrupted Concepts & Hi Gloss Black with Candy Blue accents

Powder Coating:
Sandy Bond -
Advanced Powder Coating of Florida

Seat Design & Fabrication : Jeffery Phipps

Engine Builder
: Steve Wiley / The Triumph Shop

Chrome Plating:
Terry Sheldon / Space Coast Plating

Frame: British Cycle Supply / rigid custom
Modifications:  43* rake, Hidden axle , rear widened 1”rear end

Engine: 1977 750cc Triumph Vertical Twin ; 11 to 1 compression ; Dome pistons ; Megacycle cams ; Hi Performance valve springs ; Hi Output alternator ; Four valve oil pump ; Mikuni 32mm carburetors ; Boyer electronic ignition

Front forks & Triple trees:
HHI ; Custom made 41mm x 35” fork tubes and custom made triple trees, made to the vintage Triumph neck/Stem specifications

Exhaust pipes:
Scott T Hall - Hand fabricated one into two, chrome plated outside with Ceramic coating on inside

Rims & Tires:  
- American Wire Wheel  21”/ 120 spoke straight lace w/ Avon 21/MH90 tire           
Rear - American Wire Wheel  16”/100 spoke straight lace w/ Avon 16x 130 tire

Center Stand / Tag Bracket: Hydraulic dampening with tag light recessed in bikes frame

Seat: Black English leather with laced sides. Triumph logo hand tooled in rear of seat

Controls: Internal twist grip throttle with hydraulic actuator ; Internal throttle ; Forward controls hand made by Scott T. Hall ; Rear brake sprocket / brake disc

Build time: 6 Months

Build cost: $50,000.00

Special thanks t
o: John Crumpler Sr, Johnny Crumpler Jr,
Dianne Hall ,
Sandy Krieger Bond