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Hi Wayne, pass these along to Mark and the gang, I'm in Goa, India and am riding a new Bullet 500. I'm much thinner and darker now than in these pics, ha, ha. I'll send a recent one for your web page. The bike's working great and I'm having a ball touring around; would recommend it, but not to the faint of heart or someone who hasn't shifted right side. Luckily my Ducati is right side shift. Still find myself driving on the left after a few cocktails, lol.

The Honda dealer is in Panji, about 20 customers were inside financing their family bike; 3 or 4 ride on each bike.

Dave McCluskey

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The first shot doesn't really do the church justice; its HUGE, look closely at the person near the bush for perspective. The Mountain here is a ball to ride up and down, great pavement and you can see the beach I'm staying at from the shot. I also saw my first monkeys when I stopped to snap the shot. I really like this church its framed well and the palm really compliments it. This rice field is at the bottom of the mountain and really jumps out with green colour. Oh, I'm using a 30 yr old Rollei 35 B, 35mm film camera I bought for 25$ Canadian. I get the negs. developed than scanned to a cd disc.

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1. Real cool looking university, eh? Should do a phd there.

2. Military training center right on the side of the highway. Of course I had to pull out the Rollei and snap a few shots after reading that sign. The guard then starting running towards me waving his arms about. He was wearing camo; I always thought the military here wore Hawaiian prints.

3. Signs with arrows lead me to the prison. They don't even have stop signs or road signs here so I thought it was an old prison open to tourists. After a few snaps the guard here asked me to push off. Check out the bizarre statue of the man with a women in his arms. Kinda creepy. This prison is over 300 yrs old and still in use with 400 prisoners. Hopefully they won't invite me in for a stay.

4. This is the spice guy at the market. Look at the loads of fresh spices and cheap too. Smells great when one walks by.

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