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Here is my 67 TR6 chopper.  It's a neat little rat bike, nothing high tech or high dollar....just like I like it.  I bought it as a "been sitting a few years, needs TLC" project bike, and just got it running and working. (with the help of BCS)  What a great feeling to rip it down the road for the first time!  I still have some minor details to sort out. (I expect with a bike like this I will always have some minor details to sort out)  The engine was built by a previous owner, who put on the dual carb head and Joe Hunt magneto.  I don't know what's in there for cams & pistons, but it runs good and pulls strong.  Details that I am responsible for include the '72 front end, custom made headlight mount, custom made brake stay arm, K & N filters, bates style sprung solo seat, heat wrap on the pipes (for that rat-rod look) and a fresh pair of Continental tires, plus a custom wiring harness, all new cables, oil lines, carb rebuilds and a lot of cleaning.  Thanks for the help. 

Joe Drenski,
Portland, ME

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