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Hello B.C.S.,

I bought this bike back in 1974 when I was 16. Now this was back before we called them old school. Back then it was called in style of far out & kul daddy oh.

This is my 1970 650 Bonneville custom. I have owned it since the spring of 1974 and have rebuilt the bike many times over the last 33 years. I have no idea how many fun filled miles I have put on it as I don't keep track of such trivial things. When something goes out I fix it and every couple of years I rebuild the entire bike to keep it as it was the day I brought it home. I have made a few subtle changes over the years but only to make the bike nicer to ride. My last improvements were the forward controls that I built for it to give me a little more leg room and the halogen lighting with spots incorporated into in the forward controls to keep the classic chopper lines and form. I hope you enjoy looking at the way it used to be done as much as I enjoy riding it.

Joe Polnaszek
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