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Thought you guys might enjoy seeing some Texas style Brit iron! Pics are: 1958 Cushman Highlander (obviously not Brit), 1975 T160V (mint), 1971 T120R (black bike I rode in high school, 3rd rebuild), 1971 Lightning (completed now), and wife’s Suz 650 Savage (also not Brit – duh). Not shown are: 1974 850 Commando (mint), 1954 BSA A10 (dad’s bike), and 1967 T120 Bonneville. The two 1971 bikes (BSA and Tri) were identical except for the tank, engine and seat. The black 71 Tri sports a 2” fork tube chop, and 4” rear drop and weighs 350 lbs wet. Picture was briefed in NTNOA newsletter. BSA seat was originally purchased for ex-girlfriends’ comfort on 71 Tri back in 1979 from Jack Wilson’s Big-D in Dallas . Fits just as well on Beezer now! Regards, Jim D. - Dallas

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