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Attached please find picture of my T160 that I have had since it was new. It has an 867 kit, As set of Mikuni carbs that I had the slides cut to work for it off of a Kawasaki 500 with hand built intake tubes  from way back in 1977 before anyone had kits for them. The head is ported and polished, timing gears are drilled  and lightened, has electronic ignition that I also installed in 1977  from Lucas-Rita using 3 four volt coils. This bike was a Kawasaki LTD 900 and 1000 killer back in the day. It is still ridden every year and it is still fun to show off it's speed. I also have two others, one I rebuilt for my son 8 years ago and one I am building now. All of them are within two days of build of each other. Thanks, Kevin