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Helping keep British Motorcycles on the road for over 30 years - established 1977

Here is a picture of a 1968 Tr6r which I restored and sold to a gentleman in California about 18 months ago. It was a 100 point bike. 

LN_68_TR6_002.jpg (52997 bytes)

A picture of a 1966 Lightning which I restored and sold two years ago to a doctor in Hamburg, Germany.  Flawless and correct in every way.  Engine was built by Rogue Valley Cycle in Oregon and all chrome work done in California.   Hope some of your customers will enjoy seeing these old brit bikes.  I am currently finishing a 1979 Bultaco Frontera 370 and have a 1979 Bultaco Matador torn down and waiting. 

Here are picures of the completed 1970 Norton in Fireflake golden bronze as original.  Your help  made the restoration possible.

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