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Hi guys:

Poking around your site today (getting together a list of more stuff I need for the B25) I noticed your customer bike photo section and thought you might like a picture of The Famous BSA (otherwise known as my 1959 A10 Golden Flash). I've owned it since 1975. It received a partial rebuild during the winter of '75-'76 and then a complete frame-up restoration during the later '90s. The machine is about 98 percent stock and about 80 percent original, the latter meaning it still has most of the parts that came on it in 1959. Non-stock items include siamese exhaust (I like the looks, only have to buy one silencer, and it's easier to check primary oil level), air filter (never found one of the original sheet-metal boxes), podtronic voltage regulator (Bob Kizer gave me one to test and never got around to putting the RB-108 back in) and sundries like Webco finned rocker oil feed and a finned sump cover with mag. drain plug. A number of the internal and other parts used during restoration came from you. Happy New Year!

Bill Litant
Boxborough, Massachusetts USA

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