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I have owned this 1968 T100C for 35 years. It was purchased as a basket case then, as it had caught fire and burned badly enough that the carburetor was just a glob puddled on top of the transmission.
Backing up just a bit.... In 1968 I rode my little "Suzuki 50" to the Triumph dealers to look over the new bikes and I remember saying to my buddies "If I ever get a Triumph 500, I will never need another motorcycle." Couple of years later I forked over $300 to fulfill a dream. I patched it up and rode it through High School and raced it some, up until about 1980 when life sort of pushed it aside.
Now I have these two daughters, the youngest of which is 14 and very mechanical. August of 2004...... Hey Dad, you think we can make this old motorcycle run?  Would you believe cleaning out the tank and carb, filing the points, buy a battery and the next thing I know Laura is blasting around the field behind the barn on my old flat tracker.
I found the dealer brochure from my 1968 visit (yes, I still have it) to show her how it looked when it was new. The decision was made to make it look like "the one in the parts book". We took it completely apart, powder coated the frame and reconditioned each part as it was put back on and the rest as they say is history. 
That "History" was in a very big way made possible by "British Cycle Supply".  Having gone through some of the full page add companies in Walnecks, I found BCS and your organization turned what I thought was going to be a rough ordeal turn into a very pleasant experience.
Thank you,
Neil Sidders

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