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Morning Gents,
    I promised you some photos of the recently completed 71 BSA Thunderbolt ("Old Junky Bike") for your website. Here are some rather hastily shot snapshots for the time being until we can set up a proper photo shoot. There are 6 all told, I'll send them in 2 notes to avoid download delay at your end. This bike is dripping with parts bought from British Cycle Co. over the past 19 years we have owned it and restored it, it sounds and runs as good as it looks.

RGooding_OJB_002.jpg (64053 bytes)  RGooding_OJB_003.jpg (50221 bytes)  RGooding_OJB_006.jpg (46542 bytes)

RGooding_OJB_004.jpg (39516 bytes)  RGooding_OJB_005.jpg (38244 bytes)