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Hello Gentlemen,

My bike is FINALLY complete. Over the years sloooowly many parts were ordered from you guys as time and money allowed. I even had a front springer on order from you for about two years, but that never  materialized. Anyway, here is the final product as it stands now. I am sending the pics so you can see some of your components in action. Some of which are your custom hard tail frame, your triple tree assembly, exhaust, your forward controls (also some pics to show you how they were mounted for this application) But mainly I am sending the pics to get any feedback and suggestions your staff (I remember talking with a Mark several times and he was very helpful) has on what changes and mods I can look forward to doing over the upcoming winter. For example, I really love the pipes I got from you guys but with the forward controls they tend to cook your calf meat. Also I am very open to front end suggestions. Please, this is my first chopper, and I can use all the help I can get!!!!!!!! But I must say it is the most FUNNNNNNNN bike I have ever ridden, and I've been riding for over 20 years on the streets of NJ. 


Hey Wayne! Very surprised to see what you did with the E-mail, I love it!!! Thanks for putting me on the WWW. If I knew it was going there I really would have liked simply to give some props to Steve "The Count" and Dennis of  TT Cycle, as I'm sure you know they are customers of yours and without them I would still be looking at a pile of parts. I love the springers, and will contact you about them for sure!!! If you could add the props I would appreciate it.!

Thanks A Lot Guys!

Willie Williams

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