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Bonneville Salt Flats 2009

Photos and Captions by Tom Borcherdt

Yours truly on the B50 after a 108.34 mph run.

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Three BSA 250's, sporting a British Cycle Supply decal.

Vincent Sidecar streamliner, Supercharged Triumph and a Twin engined Truimph. Around 115 mph, I think.

Tim O'Neil's record setting 500cc Triumph (113 mph)

This is either John or Andy, who said to say hello. They had gearing and carburetor problems and didn't get over 101 mph. British Cycle sticker on tailpiece.

Sam Wheeler's record setting Norton Streamliner from 1970 -- around 201 mph -- display only.

Triumph 350

Twin engined BSA. Around 115 mph on an almost flat tire or so he told me.

I think most of the Vincents in North America were there!

One of only two Norton rotaries. About 175 mph, if I remember correctly, and ecstatic!

Tom Mellor's record holding Triumph 750 record holder -- 185 mph.

How about a '57 or so Triumph with a Druid belt driven supercharger.